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The software contained on this site is available for Kings College London students and staff to download to their own computers or College laptops. The software is for use related to your academic study or University work. Please do not attempt to download to University computers, other than laptops, or to any other machines.

Users of this system agree to be bound by the College's Library and IT Regulations and the CHEST Code of Conduct.

All users of software download are bound by College regulations. Please read carefully and agree to the conditions of use for each package that you use.

General Terms & Conditions

By entering the Software Distribution webpages you agree to abide by the following.

1. General Terms

2. Grant of License

The College has approved the use of the various clauses in each Software Agreement where this is offered by the relevant software vendor. This license is granted on the condition that all relevant terms and conditions relating to use of the software are adhered to, including those specified within this document and any conditions which are specific to the grant of license from each relevant software vendor. The use of the software is for KCL business only and not for other uses including the development of non KCL software applications for commercial purposes and/or any personal gain.

3. General Disclaimer

The software made available for staff or students under the relevant Software Licensing agreement is provided to customers "AS IS", with the intention of performing the desired functions. The College cannot be held liable for any adverse effects to your computer that may be caused through the installation or use of the software obtained nor does the College provide a warranty or guarantee as to its effectiveness. Persons installing and using this software do so at their own risk and are advised to ensure that the software provided is both capable of being run on, and is compatible with existing software and hardware on the equipment which it is intended for use with.

4.Expiry of License

For the terms of all software licensed under this agreement listed in the schedule, it is deemed that your license to use the software has expired at the point when any of the following events occur:

5. Prohibited Actions & Uses

In agreeing to these terms you understand that King's College London reserves its right to take legal action against any individuals who cause it to be involved in legal proceedings as a result of violation of its licensing agreements.